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Pro-life Healthcare Alliance (PHA) is a program of Human Life Alliance (HLA).     


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The Pro-life Healthcare Alliance is a program of Human Life Alliance. We are working to renew reverence for life within healthcare and society.

Due to the loss of reverence for life within healthcare and society, even patients who are pro-life are being victimized. Their life-protective advance directives for healthcare are often ignored or overridden by “futile care” decisions and other devious means. The healthcare system itself, for the most part, has become a culture of death, and, tragically, the planned elimination of patients by denial of treatment and basic care is occurring even in hospitals and health centers where reverence for human life would be expected.

We need your help! Please pray for the vulnerable, pray for those who are guiding this work, a mission of love and service to the vulnerable in our world. We are requesting that people pray especially on Thursday afternoon and evenings around the world.

Only when healthcare professionals revere the life before them will patients truly be safe and properly cared for!  May reverence for life, and for the Giver of that life, be renewed within our society and in all healthcare settings!

We need your financial support as well! If you can, please donate to the Pro-life Healthcare Alliance to help us bring conferences and educational materials to the public. This is an international mission serving people throughout the world. Your support is urgently needed.

You can donate online at , letting them know that your donation is designated for the Pro-life Healthcare Alliance. You may also send a check or money order to the address below, making it out to “Human Life Alliance,” and indicate that it is for the Pro-life Healthcare Alliance.

Whether you can pray for us, support us financially, Join PHA, or all of these, we are grateful for your support!