Speakers and Topics

The following members of the Pro-life Healthcare Alliance are available to speak anywhere on the healthcare topics indicated. If you are planning an event, please consider inviting one or more of these excellent, well-informed speakers on crucially important matters of life and death. Call 651-484-1040

William (Bill) Beckman,
retired Exec. Dir, Illinois Right to Life Committee

“Choosing Advanced Directives and Scope of Medical Treatments (including a focus on the Catholic perspective),” “Dangers of Hospice Care (including real life case examples),” “Brain Death and Organ Donation,” “The True Agenda of Planned Parenthood,” “ObamaCare Threats to Religious Freedom,” “Stem Cell Research,” “Pro-Life Activism”

Judie Brown,
Pres., American Life League

“Euthanasia”, “Catholic teaching on treating those facing illness”, “suffering and imminent death
The culture of death and choice in dying”

Ralph A. Capone,
MD, FACP (University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine) is board-certified in Internal Medicine and Hospice and Palliative Medicine with over 30 years of clinical experience and an abiding interest in American bioethics, its impact on the medical profession and on society; he believes that the Christian moral vision and Catholic-based bioethics, in particular, founded upon the very useful notion of human dignity, is an essential and necessary corrective in a post-modern, liberal and secular culture and the only authentic way to insure that genuine human freedom is both respected and not abandoned:

“Patient Virtue in Healthcare Decision-making”

Mary Flores
As a member of American Life League’s speakers’ bureau, Mary is available to speak on a number of topics related to family and building a culture of life. Topics include:

“Raising Pro-Life Kids” “Building a Culture of Life in Your Home” “The Importance of Pro-Life Education” and “Building a Culture of Life in Your Community”

Rey Flores,
runs his website as a way to educate all Americans about how Hispanic populations are more socially conservative than the liberal mainstream media portrays them and is available to speak on the following topics:

“How the Abortion Industry Targets Hispanic Communities and How to Fight Back”, “Community Organizing for Traditional Christian Family Values” and “Fighting Against Planned Parenthood’s Sex-Ed Programs in America’s Schools”

Elizabeth Graham,
Director, Texas Right to Life since 1998, has experience in public policy on the myriad life issues, patient advocacy and guiding patients and families on life-affirming health care decisions, and helping pregnant women, and has spearheaded the passage of historic prolife legislation in Texas:

“Death Panels in Texas,” “Denial of Treatment,” “Futilitarianism”

Julie Grimstad,
, Executive Director, Life is Worth Living and former Chair of the PHA, has been a pro-life patient advocate for 30 years:

“The Urgent Need for Patient Advocates and Befrienders,” “Medical Decision Making/Advance Directives and POLST,” “Medical Futility: Quality of Life v. Sanctity of Life,” “Brain Death, Organ Donation and Transplantation”

Mary Kellett,
Executive Director, Prenatal Partners for Life:

“A Poor prenatal diagnosis,” “Prenatal Testing,” “The Gift of a Child with Special Needs,” “Prenatal Hospice,” “Peter’s Story,” “Euthanasia in Children with Special Needs,” “Pressure to Abort Children with Special Needs,” “Pressure to Not Treat Children with Special Needs”

Cristen Krebs,
DNP, ANP-BC, Catholic Hospice Founder / Executive Director, is a graduate of Robert Morris University’s Doctor of Nursing Practice Program with twenty years of end-of-life care experience:

“Pro-life Hospice and Palliative Care,” “End-of-life Care and Challenges,” “Fraud in Hospice,” “Misconceptions of Hospice Care/ What to look for when choosing Hospice Care”

Mark Davis Pickup,
Human Life Matters:

“I Am More Than My Disability,” “Suffering, Disability, and the Sanctity, Dignity and Equality of All Human Life,” “Abortion, Euthanasia, Assisted suicide,” “Ethics Pertaining to End of Life Care,” “Bioethical Issues,” “Grief”

Alex Schadenberg,
International Chair, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition:

“Euthanasia,” “Assisted Suicide,” “Eugenics,” “Eugenic Euthanasia,” “Disability and Euthanasia”

Jo Tolck,
Executive Director of Human Life Alliance (an international pro-life organization based in Minneapolis, Minnesota), has been actively involved in the pro-life movement since before Roe v. Wade and was a founder of the North Side Life Care Center:

“‘Non-persons’: From Abortion to Euthanasia”

Nancy Valko,
RN, Advanced Legal Nurse Consultant, spokesperson for the National Association of Prolife Nurses and past president of Missouri Nurses for Life, has been a nurse for 45 years working in such specialties as critical care, hospice and home health, dialysis, and oncology:

“The Dark Heart of Euthanasia – Selling Death,” “Whatever Happened to Common Sense at the End of Life?,” “Then and Now – The Descent of Ethics,” “Are Pro-life Healthcare Providers Becoming an Endangered Species?,” “The War Against Children with Disabilities,” as well as numerous other titles addressing assisted suicide, bereavement, organ donation, etc.