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If you are a physician, nurse, or other healthcare provider or facility who supports the right to life of your patients, the Pro-life Healthcare Alliance (PHA) invites you to join the PHA Referral Network.

Many people call the PHA, a program of Human Life Alliance, looking for healthcare providers they can trust to respect, protect and preserve the lives of all their family members regardless of age, abilities, or perceived “quality of life.”

To meet this need, we have set up a hotline and are developing a growing list of physicians, nurses, facilities and programs that offer genuinely pro-life healthcare, so that we can refer callers to them for medical care and advice.

Please take action now to join the PHA Referral Network by contacting the PHA using one of the options provided below.


Use one of these options to join the PHA Referral Network:

Send an email  (put “Join PHA Referral Network” in the subject line and provide your contact information so arrangements can be finalized).

Call the office of Human Life Alliance at 651-484-1040 to discuss joining the PHA Referral Network, and ask any questions that you may have.

Prepare the form to submit your request to join the PHA Referral Network, and then mail the form, as instructed there, or even email it as an attachment.


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