Brain Death Run Amok

Here is another dangerous medical futility trend that originates in California. First there was Jahi McMath, who is still alive over two years later, after barely escaping from a California hospital where she was declared “brain dead” and called a corpse.

Now Israel Stinson has faced the same inaccurate declaration of “brain death” as a means to deny medical treatment.  It has been pointed out that there is a cap on medical malpractice awards when the victim is dead, but no cap on awards when the patient lives.  What an enticing means declaring “brain death” provides to escape any possibility of a large malpractice award down the road.   Who cares if the diagnosis is absolutely wrong!

Even with many people and organizations helping to find another hospital somewhere in the nation that might agree to take Israel, no facility could be found, except one outside the USA.  How sad!

On Saturday May 21st, Israel was airlifted to a hospital in an undisclosed location outside the United States.

Jo Tolck, representing Human Life Alliance and Pro-life Healthcare Alliance, observed:

For weeks HLA and Life Legal Defense Foundation (LLDF) have worked to save the life of two-year-old Israel Stinson.

Israel suffered a severe asthma attack on April 1, 2016. Complications from treatment required transfer to another hospital that quickly declared him “brain dead.” The doctors and care team in the Sacramento, California area immediately planned removal of life support.

While LLDF worked in the courts to stall the removal of life support, HLA’s Pro-life Healthcare Alliance searched for a hospital willing to admit Israel for treatment. During this time, he received no nutrition only dextrose (sugar water). No hospital contacted in the U.S. stepped forward to accept Israel as a patient—-even after doctors who disagreed with the “brain death” diagnosis stepped forward.

As a last resort, Israel and his parents were forced to seek treatment in another country. Now doctors declare Israel shows signs of improvement. The “brain dead” diagnosis was removed and his care team expects Israel to be released to home care provided he receives three weeks of treatment.


Despite the good news, Israel and his family still desperately need your help. They need funds to complete the treatment, return to the U.S., and your prayers for continued healing.

Could you consider a gift to help little Israel and his family? Please visit their "GO FUND ME" page and be as generous as possible with your support. Your help will bring about healing for Israel and show the family you care.
Again, I ask you keep everyone in your prayers—-they’re not out of the woods yet. Thanks for your generosity and encouragement.