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Thursday afternoons and evenings around the world:

Please pray with us for the vulnerable.

May reverence for life and for the Giver of that life, be renewed within our society and in all healthcare settings!

Only when healthcare professionals revere the life before them will patients truly be safe and properly cared for!

Pro-life Healthcare Alliance is a program of
Human Life Alliance

  • Promoting the pro-life healthcare philosophy

  • Encouraging the growth, availability, and provision of pro-life healthcare services for all

  • Educating and advocating for the Culture of Life

Loving never ends within the culture of life. All creation speaks to us of this truth. Everything we are to do is based upon this never-ending sacrificial love.

This is the heart of the moral law. This is the guiding principle that establishes reverence for life within the healthcare mission.

You have questions ... PHA provides answers

Informed: A guide for critical medical decisions
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Loreto on the Plains: A Personal Care Home

Registration now open for May 2-3, 2014

May 2-3, 2014

Ramada Plaza Minneapolis
1330 Industrial Blvd., Minneapolis, MN

You do not want to miss this full-day conference that will focus on the expanding threats to human life for patients facing serious health issues, and offering steps to prevent this creeping stealth euthanasia.

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PHA Logo Symbolism:
  1. Stages of life - from small preborn expanding outward in stages
  2. Alliance - circles forming a united group
  3. Protection and Security - circles formed around each other
  4. Embracing and protecting "Pro-life"