Trenton Mckinley’s Recovery From “Brain Death”

The doctors were certain that 13-year-old Trenton McKinley was dead–“brain dead” that is. He had suffered skull fractures and a traumatic brain injury in a vehicle accident last March. He reportedly passed all the tests for determining “brain death.” Convinced her son was dead, his mother signed papers to donate his organs. Fortunately–some would say “miraculously”–he regained consciousness before his vital organs were removed. Trenton regained his speech and ability to move. He was taken off the ventilator and eventually went home. He is now not only conscious, talking and walking, he’s playing basketball!


Trenton’s awakening was likely not a miracle, not a resurrection from death. Cases of unexpected recoveries from “brain death” are increasingly common. These individuals are mistakenly declared dead. And, this is a deadly misdiagnosis! Trenton would certainly be dead now if his organs had been taken for transplantation. Thank God he regained consciousness in the nick of time.