Commentary opposing ‘aid in dying’ and ‘death with dignity’


Commentary opposing ‘aid in dying’ and ‘death with dignity’


Dancing With the Stars contestant was in a ‘vegetative state’ for 4 years as a child   by Fr. Mark Hodges   10/18/17


‘There is hope’: Man comes out of ‘permanent vegetative state’ after 15 years   by Fr. Mark Hodges   10/2/17


Widow says Quebec doctors let her husband die despite pleas for treatment   by Lianne Laurence   9/13/17


Judge Rules “Brain Dead” Jahi McMath May Not be Dead After All   by Wesley Smith   9/7/17


Disabled Man’s Wife Decides It’s in His “Best Interest” to Starve Him to Death   by Bobby Schindler   9/6/17


Was death of Charlie Gard hastened?   by Paul A. Byrne, M.D.   8/14/17


A New Documentary Confronting the “Euthanasia Deception”   by Richard Weikart   8/29/16


We all have a role to stop euthanasia. But the task is monumental. Be ready.”   by Charles Lewis   8/21/16

20 reasons why euthanasia corrupts everything it touches, and must be opposed   by Jonathon Van Maren     6/9/16


Canadian doctor: the heartbreaking case that convinced me euthanasia is NEVER the right ‘choice’   by Alex Schadenberg   4/5/16


Do Not Go Bye-Bye in Hospice!   by Judie Brown   4/5/16


Stephanie’s journey: a dying mother campaigns for life  by Carolyn Moynihan   05/28/15


10 Quick Reasons for Opposing the Legalization of Assisted Suicide  by PHA Staff   02/19/15


Video commentary: Why assisted suicide is not “death with dignity” 


Family’s Lawsuit Attempts to Make Nursing Home Starve Their Mother to Death  by Hugh Scher   02/10/15


The Supreme Court of Canada has decided not to protect people from assisted suicide  by Alex Schadenberg   02/06/15


We Need to Help Patients Battling Depression, Not Push Them Into Assisted Suicide  by Patricia Russo   01/29/15


Canada Bill Would Legalize Euthanasia of People With Disabilities  by Wesley J. Smith   12/10/14


With Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide Taking Hold, We Live in a Kevorkian World  by Wesley J. Smith   12/8/14


Caring for the dying means not intentionally killing them  by Judie Brown   12/3/14


Compassion & Choices has a New Campaign to Reduce Patient Choice: Be Careful What you Sign.  by Margaret Dore, Esq., MBA   12/1/14


Compassion and Choices Used Brittany Maynard’s Death to Secretly Collect Signatures for an Assisted Suicide Petition  video by Katie Buck   12/1/14


Did you know November is National Hospice and Palliative Care Month? Me neither.  by Wesley J. Smith   11/26/14


Assisted suicide causes PTSD: study  by Wesley J. Smith   11/25/14


Family: Doctors Removed Daughter’s Organs Against Our Wishes, She Was Still Alive  by Wesley J. Smith   11/20/14


Dying To Live, And Living To Die: Brittany Maynard And Lauren Hill by John Stegeman 10/27/14


Radio Discussion on Prolife Healthcare Alliance work on end-of-life issues  by Brian Kopp (as a guest on Armed for Battle, ALL’s Jim Sedlak radio program on Radio Maria Network)  10/10/14


O.L.D. (Obamacare Legislated Death)  by Kris Held MD   10/9/14


Different Kind of Death Panel: Access to Top Doctors and Hospitals is Dwindling Under Obamacare  by Jennifer Popik, JD   10/3/14


Obamacare Rationing Czar Ezekiel Emmanuel: We Should Die at 75  by Wesley J. Smith   9/18/14


Radio Discussion on End-of-life Challenges  by Brian Kopp, Julie Grimstad, and Mary Kellett (as guests on Barbara McGuigan’s “The Good Fight” radio program)  8/23/14


The misguided ‘mercy’ of euthanasia  by Fr. Thomas Rosica   8/10/14


Beware of the rush to help people die  by Ben Mattlin   7/9/14


Physician Assisted Suicide: From Dominion over Human Procreation to the “Right to Die”  by Mark S. Latkovic, S.T.D.   6/30/14


Real Death, Real Dignity  by David Mills   6/29/14


Life Lessons From Dad: Caring for an Elderly Parent  by Dave Shiflett   6/27/14


Five things you should know about palliative care  by Ione Whitlock   6/26/14


We Thought Doctors Were Helping Our Daughter With Trisomy 18, But They Were Slowly Killing Her  by Brad Smith   6/16/14


Euthanasia threatens the lives of the grieving  by Caroline Yates   6/9/14


Some Advance Directives are a Bad Idea  by Judie Brown   5/2/14


Patients diagnosed as PVS can be dehydrated to death. What if the diagnosis is wrong?  by Bobby Schindler   4/21/14


Beware!  Your Signature Could Kill You!  by Judie Brown   4/4/14


Hard Cases Make Bad Euthanasia Laws  by Paul Russell   4/3/14


A culture that just wants to ‘get death over with’ is a dehumanizing one  by John Stonestreet   3/28/14


How do you neutralize death?  by Jean Echlin    3/21/14


Principles for Making Moral Medical Decisions  by Julie Grimstad   3/18/14