Assisted Suicide: News & Commentary

Below are recent articles offering news and commentary on the push for assisted suicide and the concerns about and impact of these dangerous trends.

The good news so far has been the success in many states to reject efforts to legalize assisted suicide.  Unfortunately, Canada received a negative high court ruling and has since fully legalized assisted suicide.

In the USA in 2017, bills to legalize assisted suicide were stopped in 22 states! Kudos to the coalitions against assisted suicide that worked so extremely hard and have been so successful. Pro-assisted-suicide bills were defeated, died from inaction, stalled or were withdrawn in Alaska, Arizona, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Utah, and Wyoming.

Unfortunately, 2018 has not been as successful because Hawaii has now enacted assisted suicide. However, court rulings have recently declared the California assisted suicide law unconstitutional.


Appeals Court Upholds Judge’s Decision Overturning California Law Legalizing Assisted Suicide   05/24/18   by Alex Schadenberg


New documentary exposes big lie behind euthanasia movement   04/18/18   by Lianne Laurence


Hawaii Becomes the 6th State to Legalize Assisted Suicide   04/06/18   by SPUC


Advocate for the Elderly and Disabled: “Assisted Suicide is Bad Public Policy”   03/14/18   by Steven Ertelt


Is “deep sedation” a masked form of assisted suicide?   01/10/18   by Roberto de Mattei


Hidden problems with the Oregon assisted suicide law uncovered   01/08/18   by Alex Schadenberg


Inspiring: How a woman with cancer put assisted suicide advocates to shame   10/11/17   by Fr. Mark Hodges


Assisted Suicide is No Peaceful Death. Some Patients Regurgitate, Have Seizures, or Wake Up Days Later   10/9/17   by Michael Cook


Court Rules There is No Constitutional Right to Assisted Suicide   09/7/17   by Wesley Smith


Medical error is the third leading cause of death. Should legal euthanasia concern you?   08/23/17   by Alex Schadenberg


It’s a Culture War, Stupid   08/22/17   by George Weigel


More People are Committing Suicide Because Legalizing Assisted Suicide Glorifies Killing Yourself   08/22/17   by Wesley Smith


Canada’s Assisted Dying law – one year later, more deaths than expected   06/22/17   by Alex Schadenberg


One Year of Legalized Assisted Suicide in California, Countless Unanswered Questions   06/8/17   by Dr Jacqueline H. Abernathy


Nevada Bill to Legalize Assisted Suicide Dies Without a Vote   06/8/17   by Nevada Right to Life


Vermont Assisted Suicide Law Can’t Force Doctors to Refer Patients for Suicide   05/23/17   by Alliance Defending Freedom


Michigan Bill to Legalize Assisted Suicide has No Chance of Passing   04/11/17   by Right to Life of Michigan


Hawaii Defeats Dangerous Bill to Legalize Assisted Suicide   03/24/17   by Alex Schadenberg


Maryland Pro-Life Advocates Stop Bill to Legalize Assisted Suicide   03/8/17   by Dave Andrusko


Assisted Suicide Deaths Can be Horrifyingly Slow and Painful   02/27/17   by Alex Schadenberg


Oregon Assisted Suicide Deaths Hit Record High in 2016 as Abuses Continue   02/21/17   by Alex Schadenberg


Minnesota appeals court upheld conviction for assisted suicide   12/19/16   by Alex Schadenberg


Ohio passes bill making assisted suicide a felony   12/9/16   by Alex Schadenberg


Newspaper Uncovers Abuse of Assisted Suicide Laws and Pressure to Euthanize Patients   11/29/16   by Alex Schadenberg


Proposition 106 passes, assisted suicide now permitted in Colorado   11/9/16   by Jennifer Popik, J.D.


Colorado Proposition 106 is Dangerous, Here’s Why Voters Should Not Legalize Assisted Suicide   10/24/16   by Rachel del Guidice


Assisted suicide deaths increase by 31.7% in Washington State (2015)   8/15/16   by Richard Egan


California assisted suicide law is unconstitutional… Killling is never medical care   7/25/16   by Alex Schadenberg


Court case filed to protect Vermont physicians and patients from coercion in assisted suicide   7/20/16   by Alex Schadenberg


New Mexico Supreme Court decides that “aid in dying” is assisted suicide and there is no right to assisted suicide   6/30/16   by Alex Schadenberg


‘Me Before You’     6/17/16   by Catherine Daub


You Before Me is Better than Me Before You     5/31/16   by Stephanie Gray


Victory: New Hampshire assisted suicide study bill defeated     5/12/16   by Alex Schadenberg


New York Court Rules There is No Right to Assisted Suicide     5/6/16   by Not Dead Yet


U.S. suicides are increasing at alarming rates: assisted suicide advocacy is at least partly to blame       4/26/16    by Wesley J. Smith


A LETTER TO MY DOCTOR NOT TO KILL ME   4/16/16     by Mark Davis Pickup


Minnesota Euthanasia Advocates Fail to Pass Bill Legalizing Assisted Suicide   3/17/16    by Bill Poehler


California’s assisted suicide law to go into effect this summer    3/14/16     by Lisa Bourne


Assisted suicide corrupts medicine   3/6/16   by Ryan T. Anderson


Colorado Once Again Defeats Bill to Make It The 5th State Legalizing Assisted Suicide        2/24/16     by Steven Ertelt


Why assisted suicide is a poison pill   2/23/16     by John Stonestreet


Study: Over 50% of assisted suicide patients could have been treated   2/16/16     by Fr. Mark Hodges


Oregon Death With Dignity Act: 2015 Data Summary   2/4/16   Issued by Oregon Public Health

During 2015, 218 people received prescriptions for lethal medications under the provisions of the Oregon DWDA, compared to 155 during 2014.  As of January 27, 2016, the Oregon Public Health Division had received reports of 132 people who had died during 2015 from ingesting the medications prescribed under DWDA (compared to 105  in 2014 and 73 in 2013).

Similar to previous years, the three most frequently mentioned end‐of‐life concerns were: decreasing ability to participate in activities that made life enjoyable (96.2%), loss of autonomy (92.4%), and loss of dignity (75.4%).  During 2015, only five patients were referred for psychological/psychiatric evaluation.


The insane message legalizing ‘death with dignity’ sends to the suicidal     11/16/15     by Jonathon Van Maren


Why Disabled People Like Me Fear Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia    11/12/15    by Stephanie Woodward